Savoring Small Moments—Fall 2021

Boy's sweater with racecars

We all love the big moments—birthdays, graduations, their first family holiday—but while those moments may mark the milestones, they aren’t the only memories to cherish. Living life with appreciation for little moments is vital to happiness, especially for parents.

In our first Fall Release blog, we talked about how small moments between parents and children have lasting, positive effects on children’s health and happiness, but kids aren’t the only ones whose quality of life improves when we focus on the little things. Parents, too, benefit from small moments of connection with their child. Emotional savoring, or the active process of enjoyment, has been linked by psychologists to higher positive emotion in parents and greater life satisfaction overall.

baby boy's longall with trains

Our baby longall uses white stitching to mimic train tracks on this color block classic.

So what are the little moments? Savoring doesn’t always have to happen in the present. It can look like reflecting back on the day while lying in bed, or visualizing something you’re looking forward to with your child. Every evening when I was little, I would sit on my mother’s lap in her rocking chair and ask her to “talk about tomorrow.” In a calm, gentle voice, she would tell me everything we had planned for the next day, whether it was school, swim lessons, a party, or simply errands. Even if plans the next day changed, I always went to bed with a sense of security, looking forward to what the next day would bring. As a child, I savored the sense of safety that little ritual provided, and to this day I remember fondly how lovely those little moments felt.

Girl's yellow scalloped tunic with colored circle appliqués

This scalloped-hem tunic pops with brightly colored appliqués.

For good reason, little moments of connection are hard to make time for, so it’s all the more important to cherish them when they happen: a baby’s quizzical look as she tries to take in everything new in the world around her, punctuated now and then by an impromptu, toothless smile; the tiny “please” and “thank you” earned when offering a child his favorite cookie; their delicate little snores.

Blue front-tie dress with embroidered polka dots

We adorned our front-tie dress, a versatile classic, with delicate embroidered polka dots.

Designing our second Fall Release, we focused on the little details children love. Appliqué polka-dots, train sets, ladybugs, and cars are scattered across a palette of bold primary colors and playful pinks, purples, and blues. Color-block panels in cotton and corduroy complement patterns of spots, squiggles, and stripes. With tunic sets, hoodies, rompers, and more, you’ll find something special for every child.

Look for our second Fall Release this Wednesday, July 14th, and sign up for our emails to get an exclusive preview before the launch.

Boy's blue hoodie with yellow and green stripes

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