Love is in the Little Things—Fall 2021

black and white stripe dress with apple decoration

It’s a story we all know. Children grow up fast, and as a parent it’s easy to lose yourself in the hectic pace of shuffling kids to and from school, sports practice, playdates, and back again. While you want to give your child a full life, it’s also important every now and then to just pause, breathe, and appreciate the love in the little things.

Taking time for the little things isn’t just for snapping that quick shot for Insta to cherish later. Researchers have suggested that little moments between parents and children help strengthen the bond of love and contribute to children’s positive development. Eye contact, physical connection, and even emotional attunement all help strengthen a child’s sense of safety, trust, and love. Moments of love with a parent can help strengthen a child’s cognitive and social development.

teal tunic for girls

This soft aqua tunic sports our chalk art flower motif, a sweet hint of playfulness

You know those little moments—the first time your child wraps their whole tiny hand around your finger, or the first moment they open their eyes. Those moments only increase as they grow. Whether it’s cutting their hot dog up in bite-size pieces or making sure their shoes are double-tied, we know you show love through the little things. That proud smile at the school recital or the extra treat you slip into their lunchbox will stay with them, whether or not they ever realize it.

green stripe dress with flower appliqué on sleeve

Our signature petalled appliqués give this classic striped dress just the perfect pop of red.

When it comes to your child’s wardrobe, we worry about the little things so you can focus on those moments instead. We make clothes first and foremost for children, and we know what will fit them right, from babies to toddlers to tweens. Every garment is designed to drape over their little round bellies, to stay snug without pinching, and to allow for easy changing, because you don’t have time to fight both the sweater and the two-year-old.

blue stripe dress with flower appliqués for girls

The pink ribbon detail on the ruffle adds a pop of pink and complements the petalled appliqués.

It isn’t just about comfort. True, we make sure that every zipper is finished with fabric so it won’t scratch the skin, and that buttons are just the right size for little fingers to dress themselves, but as we like to say, #stylestartssmall. We put thought into the most basic aesthetic elements. You’ll see color patterns repeated to make for easy matching, helping children practice the independence of dressing themselves while making sure they look put-together. We follow our founder’s insistence that the child should be seen before the clothes. Our details are designed to be subtle, adding just the right splash of color or that charming little tie, bow, or ruffle.

purple flower dress with bows

We designed this heart flower pattern to mimic colorful chalk art and added bows to match.

In our first Fall Release you’ll see familiar style elements that make Florence Eiseman garments so classic—bright colors, clean lines, and details that pop. We brought back our fall stripes in our favorite shades of navy, green, pink, and blue. Longalls and rompers for baby boys and girls feature new appliqués and some favorites from the past. Dresses, jumpers, tunics, and more come in a variety of silhouettes, so each child can find their perfect fit. As always, each is made with the best quality fabric, impeccable craftsmanship, and, of course, care for the details.

Look for our coming Fall Release this Wednesday, June 16th, and even more surprises on the way. In the meantime, enjoy the little things.

purple dress with chalk art and matching leggings

Our matching dress and leggings sets take the stress out of styling.


  • Dorothy Jean Staggers

    I am anxiously waiting for the new Fall/Winter collections.

  • Jane Rice

    Oh wow! This heartwarming description of the FE brings a tear of joy to my eyes!! Loved the reflection of the story behind the adorable & classic children’s clothing. I have purchased FE for my 3 sons when they were young over 39yrs ago. And now as a proud Grammy of my 6 grandchildren…. yes 2 are girls…I still enjoy purchasing these beautifully made clothes. I enjoy the matching boy/girl outfits to complete our family pictures. Every outfit that I have bought is so well made and comfortable which makes it an easy purchase. Florence Eiseman would be so proud to know that her legacy of fabulous children’s clothing has lived on!! Even during a pandemic when everything was hard for everyone.
    Hats off to the wonderful team that has keep this tradition going 💕🌼🌸

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