Introducing Blossom + Sprout

Blossom + Sprout logo on a white flower over duck pattern fabric

Blossom + Sprout Playwear apparel is designed with kids’ needs and wants in mind—offering comfortable, playful styles that spark the imagination—while simultaneously fulfilling the wants and needs of parents — providing mix-and-match pieces that are durable, easy to coordinate, machine-washable, and a reflection of their child’s creative spirit.

The fun, unique, character of Blossom + Sprout Playwear appeals to parents who are looking for clothes their kids find comfortable, enjoy wearing, and can pick out and put on themselves, while still looking “put together.”

close-up of blueberry dot print outfit with yellow gingham trim

Each line features mix-and-match designs that are free of tags, buttons and zippers, making them easy to pull on while ensuring that kids are coordinated even when they dress themselves. Garments are machine washable and resistant to fading and shrinking.

We know your kids demand soft and comfortable clothes in colors, patterns,and styles that they like. We created this brand to make kids and their parents equally happy. Kids want to wear fun clothing that feels good against their skin, while parents want their children to look put together and for their clothing to last. These things can often seem at odds with one another, but with Blossom + Sprout, we’ve checked all the boxes.

close-up of blueberry dot print outfit with yellow gingham trim

You can look forward to Blossom + Sprout collections and special mini-collections throughout the year at local retailers and

Tell us what prints and patterns you and your little ones would love!

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