Playful Patterns

young girl in ric rac floral print dress going down a slide

What makes Blossom + Sprout Playwear our fastest growing line, is not just the quality, comfort, and durability of our ultra-soft materials, but it is the playful patterns that spark imagination and reflect the spirit of the children that wear them.

Our patterns, inspired by many aspects of childhood - adventures, experiences, characters, celebrations, and the world around us - are designed in house, exclusively for Blossom + Sprout.

close-up of a young girl in ric rac floral print dress playing

We start with the ideas - what are the things that make children excited - their favorite animals, occupations, colors, foods, and times of the year. From there, we digitally sketch illustrations and details to bring patterns to life. We test color combinations, the size and scale of the pattern, and how different patterns look on different silhouettes to finalize the prints.

The next step is determining how many types of garments will be made with each pattern - how many dresses, tunics, shirts, pants, leggings, etc. The Blossom + Sprout team focuses on ensuring the styles, colors, and patterns mix and match well so that you or your kids can pick out combinations that will always be playful and polished.

close-up of a young girl in a yellow gingham outfit

In our Spring 2022 collection - “A Day at the Park” - you will find four prints and dozens of mix-and-match styles.Our first print, Ric Rac Floral, is light pink with a ric rac stripe pattern and classic Eiseman flowers. The next print, called Duck Parade, is inspired by the neat lines in which ducklings follow their mothers during springtime. Our third print, Blueberry Dot, is a play on our classic polka dot, paying homage to picking berries and blueberry pies. And our last print Blue Pinstripe recimnicses about time spent at a baseball park and carnivals. As we weather the winter, we can all look forward to quality time spent outside with our little ones.

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