Cruise: 2nd Delivery

young boy in striped anchor shirt and matching shorts

We designed this year’s second Cruise collection to bring the most out of your little one’s imagination. Whether they’re close to home or exploring a far off destination, we want this collection to transport your children as far as their minds can take them. So calling all explorers, gardeners, marine biologists, and animal lovers. This collection is for our future boat captains and botanists; our construction workers and fishermen: see where your imaginations can take you!

multi-colored seersucker baby bubble for girls

We kick this delivery off with our Spring Safari seersucker collection. This year we’re combining our pink, blue, and green fabrics to bring a fresh take to a classic fabric. Plus, we think your little explorer will absolutely love the safari motif. Lions, giraffes, and open-air safari trucks (oh my!) are sure you excite the boys, while our floral appliques are perfect for our girls who might also...

...have a budding interest in gardening! We think your little girls (and you) will love the tulip frieze across our soft pink stripe knits. Available in onesie and dress, Florence Eiseman will always have her covered.

safari themed shirt and shorts for boy
Pink stripe dress with tulips for girlspink stripe bubble with tulip collar for baby girls
baby girl bubble with stripes and ladybug

Speaking of things we’ll never forget: our signature ladybugs. This year they take center-stage on our black and white stripe knits. Available in a tunic set or dress- we have whatever your little bug desires!

Ladybug dress with stripes for girlsLadybug stripe top with bike shorts

Switch gears, is anyone taking a trip to the ocean this winter? We think our royal blue stripes are just beachy (sorry!). Buckets and sand toys adorn this entire collection, with our Boys’ looks taking things up a notch: a full dump truck!

Stripe blue longall with truck for boysstripe blue onesie dress for girls with bucket pockets

If you’d prefer to be out on the open water, let’s look at our nautical pieces! Our bold, tri-color, black, blue, and red stripe knits are the perfect base for our large anchor appliques. Dress your baby in the onesie or pair the t-shirt with embroidered shorts for your growing boy. Either way, we promise they’ll steal the show (whether there’s a boat in sight or not!)

Striped anchor shirt and shorts for a boyStriped anchor longall for a boy
Boys shark swim trunks

Next, we head under the sea for some Boys’ swimsuits! sharks, lobsters, and yes, more sand toys bring our seeruscker swimsuits to life. Is anyone shopping for brothers? The sharks and lobsters are the perfect vacation sibling coordinates!

Boys swim trunks with lobsterBoys swim trunks with beach scene

Come back tomorrow

for a full preview of these styles (and many more not yet seen!) before we launch Wednesday at 10:00am CT!

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